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Vanilla Tahitian


Vanilla tahitensis is a species of orchid in the genus Vanilla. It was first described by the botanist John William Moore in 1933 from Raiatea in the Society Islands, where it was found growing on trees, having escaped from cultivation.

Categories : Vanilla


ORIGIN                                    : Papua New Guinea
GRADE                                    : GRADE A
PACKAGING                            : Custom
SPESIFICATION                      :            
-Form and Cut                       : Whole
-Color                                      : Black/Dark Brown
-Cultivation                            : Non-organic
-Moisture                               : 25%-35%
-Size                                        : 16 cm
-Content grade up              : 1.2%-1.67%"
DATE OF EXPIRY                   : Maximum 2 years

-20 ft container is enough 30 tons of gross weight
-40 ft container is enough 60 tons gross weight

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