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Ground White Pepper


Pepper, also called pepper or sahang, which has the Latin name Piper nigrum is a plant that is rich in chemical content, such as pepper oil, fatty oil, and starch. Pepper is slightly bitter, spicy, warm and antipyretic. This plant has been discovered and known since tens of centuries ago. In general, people only know white pepper and black pepper, which are often used as kitchen spices. This plant is one of the world's trade commodities and more than 80% of Indonesia's pepper production is exported to foreign countries. The spice consists of light-colored black pepper seeds without flesh and dark skin. Used as a spice in light colored foods such as cream sauces.

Categories : Ground Spices


ORIGIN                                            : -
GRADE                                             : -
PACKAGING                                    : Inner Plastic LLDPE and carton box outer (17-25 kg) 
SPESIFICATION                              : Custom
DATE OF EXPIRY                            : 12 months

LOAD IN CONTAINERS                  :            

-20 ft container load 600 Carton
-40 ft cnotainer load 1000 Carton

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