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Manggo Harumanis


Harumanis is a type of slow cultivar grown in Malaysia. In Malaysia, this fruit is synonymous with the land of Perlis. It is called fragrant because it emits a fragrant aroma and sweet taste.The filling is thick and tastes delicious when eaten with pulut as one of the traditional dishes in the land of Perlis. It is also delicious eaten plain or processed in the form of juice or jam.

Categories : Fruits


ORIGIN                                            : -
GRADE                                             : -
PACKAGING                                    : Carton Box
FRUIT MATURITY                           :            
Sea Shipping 70-80%
Air Shipping 85-90%
SHIPPING STANDARD                   : Cold
DATE OF EXPIRY                            : -

- 20 ft fits 13 tons
- 40 ft fits 25 tons

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