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Dessicated Coconut Low-Fat


Premium coconut products with mild, sweet flavor, natural white color, low fat content, and strict quality standards. Experience excellence.

Categories : Processed Coconut


·       Flavor                        : Mild, Sweet, No off flavor
·       Color                          : Natural coconut color (white)
·       Fat Content              : 0 – 65%
·       Fatty Acid                 : 0.17% maximum
·       pH                              : 6.1 – 6.9
·       Moisture                   : Max 3.0%
·       SO2                            : Max 50ppm
PACKAGING                       : Carton Box
DATE OF EXPIRY               : -
Highest quality coconut meats. Selected carefully to produce best quality desiccated coconut with good taste and white-colored coconut Contact us for more detailed information.

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